I have a male chihuahua mix that began having problems with arthritis.  I had read articles about canine massage and how it could help with arthritis. At first I honestly thought canine massage was kind of silly, but decided to give it a try. After my dog's first session with Nancy,  I began to see great results-  he was no longer limping. My dog hasn't limped in over a year and he continues to get regular massages from Nancy.
– Letty


I am so grateful that I found Nancy! Her presence and ability to connect both with me and with my cat, Hercules, was exactly what we needed when we were facing a really difficult, life/death situation with no response to medical treatment.  He was diagnosed with pneumonia and had not been eating or drinking on his own for two weeks. I had not had much experience with Reiki, but after experiencing the Reiki session with Nancy and the way in which Hercules immediately responded and subsequently had a full recovery, I definitely recommend it as a healing modality or to ease transition and facilitate letting go, if that is what is needed. Her knowledge and suggestions regarding aromatherapy and color therapy were very helpful, as well, and Hercules responded to both. As someone who works with people in alternative healing modalities, I highly recommend Nancy for working with the animal members of our families due to her ability to read the situation, intuit how best to approach it, and her calm presence and compassion. 
– Rebecca


Nancy McDonald is PHENOMENAL!

Baby Girl (17 year old toy poodle) was found to have 3 tumors, one most likely cancerous.  Her daily behavior soon began to change, including snuggling with momma and being held in arms.

After a couple therapeutic sessions with Nancy, Baby Girl stood quietly, with heavy eyelids allowing a healing massage and energy work.  In subsequent sessions, Baby Girl melted on the table and relaxed as she had not done for other persons.  On her final appointment with Nancy and just a few weeks before having to be euthanized, Baby Girl melted on the table, remained in a rag doll state when picked up, and allowed momma to hold her as she liked to be held…in the crook of mom’s left elbow, across mom’s upper chest and head on mom’s right shoulder…she sighed, was peaceful and remained there for over an hour.

Thank you, Nancy, for giving Baby Girl and me a final wonderful, peaceful, pain-free, loving moment which had long been missed!
– Norma Zúñiga (Momma)


Nancy is incredible! She clearly has a gift for animals as well as dealing with people too!
– Starr


Nancy is very professional, calming and healing.  My dogs love her!
– Virginia


After Nancy’s sessions, we noticed a happier and calmer animal. I highly recommend Nancy to any future animal clients and their owners!
– Gale


Nancy has a very calm presence with the horses, and exhibits sensitivity and respect.  An Excellent Practitioner!
– Sherry